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Tree Removal & Tree Service

Tree removal is one of our largest areas of concentration and we are fully licensed and insured for large-scale tree removal, although we can help with projects of all sizes.

There are times when you want to keep a tree in place, but have no other choice but to have it removed.

There are also times when it makes sense to remove a tree before it becomes a hazard or nuisance. Some of the many reasons to consider removing a tree include:

  • It’s dead or in the process of dying

  • It’s too close to a home or other structure

  • It’s dangerous to its surroundings

  • It’s no longer a desirable part of the landscape

Regardless of why you want to remove a tree, it is important to take the right steps in doing so.


Southwest Florida (Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita & Naples Tree Removal)

Removing your own trees sounds easy-enough, but there can be major challenges, and dangers. Not only do you have to remove the tree itself, but you must also find a place to dispose of it – not to mention the stump that is left over.

DIY tree removal is almost always more difficult than it sounds. When you add this to potential dangers, such as the tree falling on you or a nearby structure, it’s best to consult with a tree removal specialist.


There is more to removing a tree than meets the eye. It’s our goal to provide high quality service from start to finish, which includes:

  • Assess the situation to plan out removal as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Secure the job-site ensuring no accidents or issues.

  • Safely remove your tree(s)

  • Remove the tree from the property (including all branches and debris)

  • Finally, removing the stump – so you’re left with only flat land.


At TLS we have been removing trees in the local area for many years and have the team, equipment and experience to help!

Once you contact us, we can visit your property to provide a free consultation. From there, we’ll tackle the job and back up the results with our 100 percent guarantee.



Enjoy a free consultation on your stump grinding and tree removal needs from TLS backed by our 100 percent guarantee.

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