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Sod Installation

Sod is big in Southwest Florida because our sandy, sometimes low-quality soil. Determining the right sod for your home and property is of utmost importance, as laying down the wrong sod can mean thousands in dollars spend needlessly on grass that simply won’t take.

In addition to sod, and before the first pallet is delivered, there are many steps that a homeowner can and should take to ensure their new luscious lawn lasts, and looks as beautiful as possible. Our experts can come and plan out your landscape/sod needs and do a preliminary assessment, install needed plumbing through sprinkler systems (anything from the most basic to most advanced systems) and then recommend, purchase, install sod – typically all in 1 day.

What’s the Right Sod?

That’s not a simple answer and will depend on the location of your home and your needs, but generally there are a few types of grass that do extremely well in our climate.

When it comes to sod on Southwest Florida properties, our climate brings about a great amount of rain, humidity, heat and even hurricanes. Living in here also means we’re located near the coast and therefore have high salt soil. A good turfgrass selection should not only need to survive all these different climate challenges—it also needs to be able to thrive in them.


Contact us today to learn about our recommendations and discuss your project.

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